Abstract Submissions

For preparation of your abstracts, please follow the template that can be downloaded as doc file. Please proofread and spell-check your abstract before submitting it.

The abstract file name should be the last name of the corresponding author and submission date, Last_Name-dd.mm.yyyy . If you submit several abstracts please use Last_Name_1-dd.mm.yyyy, Last_Name_2-dd.mm.yyyy, etc. If you note typos or decide to make other changes in your abstract please send corrected abstract before April 15 with new date in the filename.

Please send your abstracts in Adobe Portable Document (pdf) format to icsls21@spbu.ru.

The abstract length is one page. The abstract template may be downloaded here.

The abstract submission deadline is April 15. If you would like your study to be considered for oral presentation as a contributed talk please send your abstract before March 15. Authors of the selected presentations will be contacted shortly after this date.