MONDAY 16:30 — 18:30

A1 O.S.Alekseeva, A.Z. Devdariani , M.G.Lednev , A.L. Zagrebin
The Probabilities Of The ν′ 1( 3P2 ) − ν′′ 0+ ( 1S0 ) Transitions And The Radiative Lifetimes Of The ν′ 1( 3P2 ) States of The CdAr And CdKr Molecules

A2 V.A. Alekseev, R. Püttner, N. Schwentner
Rotational quantum number dependent broadening of H2 (X → B) lines in mixtures with Rg gases and CF4

A3 V.A. Alekseev
Ab Initio Study of Rg — H2 (B Σ+u) Interaction Potential

A4 N. F. Allard, F. X. Gadéa , A. Monari, B. Deguilhem
Comparative Study of Emission Spectra of He(3S)-He(2P) at 706 and 728 nm Due to the Triplet and Singlet Transitions.

A5 N. F. Allard
Physical interpretation of the blue shift of spectra obtained by corona discharge in liquid helium

A6 N. Bonifaci, F Aitken, Hai Van Nguyen, V. M. Atrazhev, K. Von Haeften, J.Eloranta, V.A. Shakhatov.
Shape of Atomic Lines as Indicator of Gas Density in Helium micro-discharge.

A7 N. Bonifaci, F Aitken, Hai Van Nguyen, V. M. Atrazhev, K. Von Haeften, R. Rincon.
Shape of Atomic Lines Emitted by Cryoplasma in Helium

A8 M. G. Bustamante, V. D. Rodríguez, R. O. Barrachina
Secondary Peaks In The Atomic Ionization By A Resonant Laser Pulse

A9 A. K. Belyaev, A. Z. Devdariani, V. S. Rybak, I. A. Zlatkin
Electronic Radiative Transitions in He(21,3S)-Ne Weakly Bound Molecules. Temperature Dependences

A10 D. Boland, R. Hammami, H. Capes, Y. Marandet, J. Rosato, R. Stamm
A Stark Broadening Simulation Using a Renewal Process

A11 L. Benmebrouk, F. Khelfaoui
Determination of the Electronic Temperature and the Electronic Density of a Discharge Plasma

A12 M. Bruvelis, J. Ulmanis, N. N. Bezuglov, K. Miculis, C. Andreev, B.Mahrov, D. Tretyakov, A. Ekers
Analytical Model of Transit Time Broadening for Two-Photon Excitation in a Three-Level Ladder and its Experimental Validation

A13 A. Cygan, D. Lisak, S. Wójtewicz, J. Domysławska, J. T. Hodges, R. S. Trawiński, R. Ciuryło
Demonstration of the extremely high signal-to-noise ratio and advanced O2 B-band lines shape analysis in PDH-locked FS-CRDS experiment

A14 A.V.Dadonova, A.Z. Devdariani
H - — H Collision Induced Radiative Transitions

A15 N. Larbi-Terzi, N. Ben Nessib, S. Sahal-Bréchot, M. S. Dimitrijević
Electron-Impact Broadening of C II Spectral Lines

A16 D.K.Efimov, M.Yu.Zaharov, N.N.Bezuglov, A.A.Mihajlov, A.N.Klyucharev
Anomalies in the Rydberg Atom Emission Spectra of Astrophysical Relevance

A17 H. Elabidi
Electron impact excitation for Ar VI

A18 T.A. Florko, A.A. Svinarenko, T.A. Tkach
Collisional Shift and Broadening Heavy Atoms Hyperfine Lines in an Atmosphere of the Inert Gas

A19 Yu.A.Аnokhin, V.ABoiko , B.A.Fomin, N.N.Petrov
Spectral Line Shape Modeling in the LBL Code for Space Monitoring of the Earth Climate-forming Factors

A20 A. Gatilova, A. Rudakova, D. Shchepkin, A. Tsyganenko
Effect Of Adsorption And Lateral Interactions Upon The Bandshape In FTIR Spectra Of Adsorbed CF4

A21 J.A. Garcıa Gallardo, J.L. Gervasoni, L. Kover
X- Ray photoemission spectroscopy of nanostructured surfaces

A22 J. L. Gervasoni, R. O. Barrachina, F. Salvat-Pujol, W. Werner
Spectra Of Plasmon Excitation In Solid Surfaces By The Impact Of Ionic Projectiles: Symmetry And Interference Effects

A23 G. D. Roston, Z. F. Ghatass
Krypton Influence on the spectral line shape of Cd 326.1 nm

A24 W. Głaz, T. Bancewicz, G. Maroulis, A. Haskopoulos, J.-L. Godet
Nonlinear properties and collisonal spectra in hydrogen-(heavy) -noble-gas-atom mixtures

A25 A.V. Glushkov
Spectroscopy of Atoms and Nuclei in Super strong Laser Field: Stark effect and Multiphoton Resonances

A26 A.V. Glushkov
Spectroscopy of the Cooperative Muon-γ-Nuclear Processes: Energy and spectral parameters

A27 G.V.Golubkov, M.G.Golubkov, A.Z.Devdariani
Quenching Of Rydberg States In Slow Collisions With Neutral Atoms And Molecules Of Medium

A28 M. Goto, K. Sawada, K. Fujii, M. Hasuo, S. Morita
Evaluation of Particle Source Rate and Its Influence on Particle Transport in Fusion Plasma

A29 G.M.Grigorian
Peculiarities of the C2 d3П→а3П Band System Intensities in Gas Discharges through CO-contained Mixtures

A30 O.Yu. Khetselius
Spectroscopy of Cooperative Electron-γ-Nuclear Processes in Heavy Atoms: NEET and Shake-up Effects


TUESDAY, JUNE 5 17:00 — 19:00

B1 N. F. Allard
Emission Profiles of K-He Exciplexes in Cold Helium Gas

B2 N.F. Allard, F. Spiegelman , A. Nakayama, J. F. Kielkopf
Absorption Spectra of NaHe From White Dwarfs to Helium Clusters

B3 Yu. I. Anisimov, I. Ch. Mashek, S. A. Smirnov, N. B. Kosykh
Spontaneous Rayleigh-Brillouin spectra in neutral gases measured with a wide aperture spectrometer

B4 M. Koubiti, T. Nakano, Y. Marandet, L. Mouret, J. Rosato, R. Stamm
Contribution Of Stark-Doppler Broadening Of Carbon Impurity Lines To The Analysis Of JT-60U Divertor Plasmas

B5 I. Verzbitskiy, W. Herrebout, B. van der Veken, A. Kouzov
Raman Line Shape Studies of Hydrogen Cryosolutions

B6 D.N. Kozlov, P.P. Radi
Line Profiles of Direct Absorption Transitions to Highly Excited Overtone-Combination Vibrational States of Methane

B7 S.A. Klemeshev, E.Yu. Kleymenov, P.A. Saveliev, N.A. Kryukov
Formation Of Xe2 In The Gas Discharge At Room Temperature

B8 A.S. Kvasikova
Operator Perturbation Theory to Hydrogen Atom in the Crossed Strong DС Electric and Magnetic Fields

B9 B. Ferhat, R. Redon, M. Ripert, Y. Azzouz, A. Lesage
Experimental Study of Asymmetrical SiII Lines

B10 H. Wheeler, J.C. Lewis
Statistical Models for Collision–Sequence Interference with Arbitrary Persistence of Velocity

B11 R. M. Herman, A. Suarez, J. Sofo. J. C. Lewis
Calculation of the Ortho–Para Conversion of Hydrogen in a p-type Silicon Lattice using a dwell time method

B12 J. Domysławska, S. Wójtewicz, D. Lisak, A. Cygan, F. Ozimek, K. Stec, K. Bielska, P. Masłowski, Cz. Radzewicz, R. S. Trawiński, R. Ciuryło
Transition Frequencies And Pressure Shifting Of Oxygen B-Band Lines Measured With Frequency-Comb Assisted Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy

B13 A.V. Loboda
Generalized Energy Approach in Electron-Collisional Spectroscopy of Multicharged Ions in Plasma in Debye Approximation

B14 A. A. Mihajlov, V. A. Srećković, L. M. Ignjatović, M. S. Dimitrijević, and A. Metropoulos
The Quasi-molecular Absorption Bands In UV Region Caused By The Non-symmetric Ion – atom Radiative Processes In The Solar Photosphere

B15 A.A. Pelmenev, I.N. Krushinskaya, R.E. Boltnev, I.B. Bykhalo, and V.V. Khmelenko
Spectra of Nitrogen Atoms Captured By Free Nanoclusters

B16 A.A. Pelmenev, I.N. Krushinskaya, R.E. Boltnev, I.B. Bykhalo, V.V. Khmelenko, D.M. Lee
Nitrogen Atoms As Optical Probes Of Structural Rearrangements In Impurity-Helium Condensates

B17 V. A. Ivanov, A. S. Petrovskaya, Yu. E. Skoblo
Population of the Ne 2p55s-States in He-Ne Mixture Plasma

B18 V. A. Ivanov, A. S. Petrovskaya, Yu. E. Skoblo
Temperature Dependence of the Rate of the Recombination Population of Neon Atomic Excited States in He-Ne Plasma

B19 G. Revalde, E. Bogans, J. Skudra, N. Zorina
Diagnostics of Capillary Light Sources by Means of Line Shape Measurements and Modeling

B20 J. Rosato, H. Capes, R. Stamm
Modeling of Hydrogen Stark Line Shapes with Kinetic Theory Methods

B21 G. D. Roston, M. S. Helmi
Temperature Dependence of the Pressure Broadening of Spectral Lines

B22 O. Mahran, G. D. Roston, M. Shahat
The Effect of Gaussian Line Shape on the Performance of Thulium and Erbium Doped With Different Host Materials As Optical Fiber Amplifier

B23 I.N. Serga , Yu.V. Dubrovskaya, D.E. Sukharev
Spectroscopy of Hadronic Atoms: Spectra, Energy Shifts and Widths

B24 V. A.Shakhatov, T. B. Mavljudov, V. M. Atrazhev, N.Bonifaci, A.Denat, Z. L.Li,
Spectroscopic investigation of the gas discharges in mixtures of nitrogen with helium

B25 I. A. Sharov, V. Yu. Sergeev, I. V. Miroshnikov, N. Tamura, S. Sudo, and B. V. Kuteev
Electron Density Distribution In Ablating Polystyrene Pellet Cloud

B26 A. Skudra, G. Revalde, A. Svagere, Z. Gavare
Studies Of Spectral Line Broadening In Thallium Containing High-frequency Electrodeless Lamps

B27 R. Hammami, H. Capes, F. Catoire, L. Godbert-Mouret, M. Koubiti, Y. Marandet, A. Mekkaoui, J. Rosato, R. Stamm
A Model for Line Intensities in a Fluctuating Plasma

B28 T.A. Tkach
Advanced Relativistic Quantum Defect Approach to Calculation of the Radiation Transition and Ionization Characteristics for Rydberg Atoms

B29 V.V. Khromov, A.E. Logunov, A.S. Pazgalev, S.G. Przhibel’skii, D. Sarkisyan, T. A. Vartanyan
Spectroscopy of the atom-wall interactions in a nanocell

B30 S. Cartaleva, A. Krasteva, A. Sargsyan, D. Sarkisyan, D. Slavov, T. Vartanyan
High Resolution Spectroscopy of Cs Vapor Confined in Optical Cells of Few-Micron Thicknesses

B31 P. Wcisło, R. Ciuryło
Dicke Narrowing Effect for r-ν-type Collisional Potential