ICSLS-21 Program


17:00 — 20:00 Registration and Welcome Party, Hotel Rus’


9:00 Registration

9:40 Opening

10:00  I      V.S. Lisitsa
Spectroscopic Problems in ITER Diagnostics

10:35 I     M. Hasuo
Wideband High-Resolution Spectroscopy on Al-pellet Ablation Plasmas in Large Helical Device

11:10 C     S. Lorenzen, A. Wierling, H. Reinholz, G. Röpke, M. C. Zammit, D. V. Fursa, I. Bray
Quantum-Statistical Line Shape Calculations Of Dense H And H-like Plasmas

11:30 Coffee break

11:50 I     J. Rosato
Spectral Line Formation with Wave Effects in Optically Thick Plasmas

12:25 C     Ch. Parigger, A. Woods
Hydrogen Balmer Series And Superposed Carbon Swan Spectra in Laser-Induced Plasma

12:45 Lunch break

14:15 I     O.Renner, E. Dalimier, R. Liskac, E. Oks, M. Šmída
Charge Exchange Signatures in X-Ray Line Emission Accompanying Plasma-Wall Interaction

15:50 I     F.B. Rosmej
Effect Of Atomic Structure On X-Ray Line Shapes

15:25 C     F.Y. Khattak , O. A.M.B. Percie du Sert, F.B. Rosmej, D. Riley
Evidence For Plasma Polarization Shift Of Ti He Line In High Density Laser Produced Plasma

15:45 Coffee break

16:00 -18:00 Poster Session A


10:00 I     D.A.Varshalovich, A.V.Ivanchik, S.A.Balashev
Quasar Spectroscopy and Cosmology

10:35 I     D. Ilić, L.Č. Popović, A.I. Shapovalova, A.N. Burenkov, W.Kollatschny, A .Kovačević, V.Chavushyan, G. La Mura, P. Rafanelli
Broad Emission Lines: A Tool For Studying Nuclei Of Active Galaxies

11:10 Coffee break

11:30 I     Y.N. Gnedin
The Project MILLIMETRON: Investigation of Chemi-ionization Processes in The Universe

12:05 C     S. Gulyaev, J. Alexander
On the “Mystery” of Radio Recombination Lines Narrowing .

12:25 C     V.A.Alekseev
Satellite Bands In Spectra Of Collision Pairs Induced By Interaction Of Transient Optical Dipoles

12:45 Lunch break. International Committee Business Meeting.

14:30 I     P.S. Barklem
Hydrogen Atom Collision Processes In Cool Stellar Atmospheres: Effects On Spectral Line Strengths And Measured Chemical Abundances In Old Stars.

15:05 C     A.K. Belyaev
Inelastic Collision Processes for Formation of Spectral Line Shapes in Stellar Atmospheres Reprojection Method.

15:25 Coffee break

15:40 I     S. Sahal-Bréchot
Virtual Laboratory Astrophysics: The STARK-B Database For Spectral Line Broadening By Collisions With Charged Particles And Its Link To VAMDC

16:15 C     O.S. Alekseeva, A.Z. Devdariani, M.G. Lednev, A.L. Zagrebin
Quasimolecular Absorption And Emission In Cd + Ar And Kr Collisions

16:35 C     N. Jacquinet-Husson, L. Crépeau, R. Armante, Ch.Boutammine, A. Chédin, N. Scott, C. Crevoisier, V. Capelle
The GEISA Spectroscopic Database For Remote Sensing Of Planetary Atmospheres: Content Description And Spectral Line Shapes Assessment

17:00 — 19:00 Poster Session B


9:35 I     O.Yu. Andreev
QED Theory Of The Spectral Line Profile For Few-Electron Atoms And Ions

10:10 I     Tetsuya Ido
Optical Lattice Clocks: Hz-level Spectral Width With Sub-Hz Reproducibility

10:45 Coffee break

11:00 I     P. Maslowski, A. Foltynowicz, T. Ban, K. Cossel, J. Ye
Optical Frequency Comb as a New Tool for Broadband High Resolution Spectroscopy

11:35 I     V.A. Astapenko
Spectral Peculiarities Of Matter Excitation By Ultrashort EM Pulses

12:10 Lunch

14:00 Excursion to Petrodvoretz and Conference Dinner


10:00 I     E.B. Alexandrov, V.S. Zapasskii
Optical and RF Spectroscopy of Spin Noise

10:35 I     C. Daussy, C. Lemarchand, M. Triki, B. Darquié, C. Chardonnet, Ch. J. Bordé
High Precision Line Shape Studies In Low Pressure Ammonia For An Accurate Determination Of The Boltzmann Constant

11:10 C     A.V. Demura, S.Ya. Umanskii, A.V. Scherbinin, A.Z. Zaitsevskii
Metal Atom Spectral Line Broadening by Noble Gas Atoms

11:30 Coffee break

11:45 I     L. Gianfrani
Highly-Accurate Line Shape Studies in the Near-IR Spectrum of Water

12:20 C     J.C. Lewis, R.M. Herman
Statistical Models of Scalar Collisional Interference Incorporating Phase Shifting: a Strongly Asymmetric LineProfile

12:40 C     O.V. Belai, D.A. Shapiro
Coulomb Broadening of Resonance Induced by Standing Wave

13:00 Lunch break

14:30 I     H. Tran, N.H. Ngo, R.R. Gamache
New Modeling Of H2O Isolated Line-Shape Based On Classical Molecular Dynamic Simulations

15:05 C     M. Guitou, A. K. Belyaev, A. Spielfiedel, N. Feautrier, P. S. Barklem
Mg-H collision rates for non-LTE determination of stellar atmospheric parameters.

15:25 Coffee break

15:40 C     G. Knopp, P.P. Radi, Y. Sych, P. Matsyutenko, Y. Liu, T. Gerber
Rotational Energy Transfer And Spectral Line Shapes Of Small Molecules Viewed By Time Resolved Four-wave Mixing

16:00 C     M. Bruvelis, N. N. Bezuglov, A. Ekers
Doppler Profile Particularities in Supersonic Beams for Circular, Square and Arbitrary Collimating Apertures

16:20 C     K.A.Vereshchagin, A.K.Vereshchagin, V.V.Smirnov, O.M.Stel’makh, V.I.Fabelinsky, W.Clauss, M.Oschwald
CARS Investigation of Collisional Broadening and Shift of the Hydrogen Q-branch Transitions by Water at High Temperatures

16:40 C     K.A.Vereshchagin
Single-Shot lineshape spectroscopy and light statistics; CARS as a Tool for Lineshape Spectroscopy: Advantages and Disadvantages

17:00 Concert


10:00 I     T.A. Vartanyan
Spectroscopy of Atomic Vapors in Nanometer Cells: Dicke Narrowing and Beyond

10:35 C     N. Bonifaci, F. Aitken, V. M. Atrazhev, K. Von Haeften, J. Eloranta
Shape of Atomic Lines Emitted by Liquid Helium

10:55 C     K. Gebresellasie, J. Shirokoff , J.C. Lewis
Effect of X-ray Line Spectra Profile Fitting with Pearson VII and Pseudo-Voigt Functions on Asphalt Binder Aromaticity and Crystallite Parameters

11:15 Coffee break

11:30 C     V.V.Arakcheev, V.B.Morozov
Vibrational Spectra of Molecular Fluids in Nanopores

11:50 C     M.V. Kazachek, T.V. Gordeychuk
Peculiarities Of Atomic Lines In Sonoluminescence Spectra

12:10 C     L.P. Avakyants, P. Yu. Bokov, A.V. Chervyakov, I.P. Kazakov, E.A. Trufanov
Fast Fourier Transform Of The Frantz-Keldysh Oscillations From The InGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs Structures With The Nonuniform Built-in Electric Field

12:30 Best student presentation awards

12:40 The next conference

12:50 Closure